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Our 30 years of experience in the sector have allowed us to get to know and work with the best firms who are able to design and manage production cycles and test cold drawing plants. This led to the creation of a strong and cutting-edge team.

As a result, through a vertical organisation, a federate organisation of enterprises was founded to provide this complex product.

What makes us unique in the market

Today, Global Dom is one of the few companies in the world that can provide an entire supply chain that delivers a complete drawing plant.

How we chose this team

The reasons that prompted the five firms to act as a single force in the global market are:

  1. The high level of expertise of each company, their availability and willingness to work as a team to achieve a shared goal.
  2. Their punctuality in meeting the deadlines and in abiding by contracts.
  3. Their individual economic strength.

Our points of strength

  • The long business history and the absolute stability of the companies, with a strong expertise developed over time.
  • The ability to supply and guarantee a complex product, providing a turnkey service.
  • The presence of a single representative, responsible for the whole project management.
  • The guarantee of total manufacturing control.
  • A global product supply.
  • Investments in innovation.

First of all: RELIABILITY

The reliability of Global Dom can be identified by three key strengths: managerial, financial and technical.
Managerial: this union among strong SMEs, which have been collaborating with one another for a long time, allows great speed in decision-making and their implementation.
Financial: the strong balance sheet and financial strength have been obtained thanks to those results that have confirmed the excellent work performed over time.
Technical: the know-how acquired over the course of 30 years of hard work, together with investing in innovation and thanks to the quality of the well-known Made in Italy, ensure products of excellence.


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