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Bundling / Weighing

The automatic bundling lines that Global Dom’s provides can be installed in line with production plants such as drawing and profiling lines, or with finishing processes such as grinding, straightening, bevelling, threading, cutting and sawing, quality control systems and all processes involving bundling operations.

All these lines can be customised to meet the customers’ needs, depending on the different kind of production required. The following activities can be added to the line:

  • Marking
  • Counting
  • Water’s drainage after production process
  • Strapping
  • Protective wrapping
  • Weighing
  • Labelling
  • Storage of bundles on the conveyers

The whole working process is monitored by a dedicated managing software system.

What are the component parts of the bundling and weighing plants?

Loading basket to CND

CND entry rollway

CND exit rollway

Unloading scrap basket

Bundles area (hexagonal, square or rectangular bundles)

Strapping (automatic or semiautomatic)



Pneumatic equipment

Control and automation system

Hardware and Software

What processes follow the pipes before being shipped?

At the end of the line, tubes are automatically grouped into hexagonal, square or rectangular bundles.

Bundles are strapped, dripped and weighed. Straight away, they are ready to be stored or directly loaded and shipped.

Bundling lines generally work in unison with the defect control system.


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