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Control and Automation

Global Dom coordinates the whole plant by providing an integrated control and automation system. Each area of the production process (such as pickling, furnace, bundling etc.) is overseen by a monitoring system. These control systems are based on autonomous PLC stations in order to manage all the functions of the process, the operating sequences and the safety of the plant. The different areas are also equipped with the necessary supervision systems of human/machine interface (HMI).

Control systems will perform the following functions:

  • Automation sequences management (automatic, semi-automatic, manual).
  • Operator/machine interface.
  • Alarm management (visualization, historical, and operator suggestions).
  • Machine parameters setting.

All individual control systems related to each area can be connected to a so called “level 3” or “MES system” (Manufacturing Execution System).

The MES carries out the production order management, the product tracking, the data logging and the monitoring and reporting plant performances. These are monitored both in terms of reliability and maintenance and of quality control.

(Manufacturing Execution System)

Global DOM MES solution

GD MES is Global DOM platform developed specifically for for cold drawings plants to supply a complete and integrated MES solution (Manufacturing Execution System) to the customer.

MES is usually categorized as Level 3 in Manufacturing automation models, where levels from 0 to 2 are used for Control while levels 4 or above are usually more related to strategic management such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management) and so on.
MES aims to empower decision makers and operators to manage production, the shop floor and the plant quality in real time and more effectively.

The GD MES solution is fully compliant with MESA model specifications for a MES system.

GD MES offers a complete set of MES software functionality to digitize the cold drawing plant operations’ business rules and information management needs, as well as to automate data collection of operational execution. These functions include: a full product genealogy, complete works order execution, event history and material traceability. This ensures product safety and regulatory compliance and provides decision-making support through supply chain visibility of operational activities and work in progress in real time.

GD MES achieves these objectives through three main modules: operations, performance and quality.


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