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Drawing Bench

The drawing plants supplied by Global includes a wide variety of machinery, such as drawing benches ranging from 10 up to 300-tons.

According to our customers’ needs, our drawing benches are able to draw from 1 to 5 tubes at the same time in each cycle. Tube thickness can vary from 1 to 25mm and an external diameter from 20mm to 250mm. Our drawing benches can process tubes up to 18m long.

The machine is made up of a power supply system, draw bench and a drawn tubes reception system; it is also equipped for automatic threading between mandrel and tube in loading.

What are the component parts of the plant?

Loading basket

Automatic threading system

Revolver with bars attach system

Head for dies

Draw bench by chain

DC moto reducer group

Hydraulic equipment

Pneumatic equipment

Control and automation system

Hardware and software

A CLOSER LOOK: The importance of automation
The drawing systems provided by Global Dom are designed and manufactured to minimize the operator’s manual intervention, ensuring greater productivity and safety.
From the warehouse to the loading baskets, tubes are not touched by the operators up to the moment when they need to be collected from the unloading baskets.
This is extremely convenient due to the computer-based loading system and the automatic threading between mandrel and tube in loading.
Furthermore, at the end of the drawing process, the tubes’ handling system allows the drawing bench to be put in line and to be connected with the subsequent equipment.


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