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Roller hearth furnace

The furnace is a key piece of equipment in a cold drawing plant.

The purpose of the furnace is to treat tubes through the cycles of tempering, annealing and normalizing.

Temperatures vary from a minimum of 580°C to a maximum of 950°C. The furnace for this kind of plant is a roller hearth furnace, complete with loading and unloading services.

The combustion system takes place via:

  • pulse burners with radiant tubes, in the case of controlled atmosphere treatments;
  • open flame burners, in the case of treatments in the air.

The cooling section is placed downstream of the furnace.

What are the component parts of roller hearth furnace?

Handling of loading tubes

Handling of unloading tubes

Heating chambers with rollers

Controlled atmosphere plant

Combustion air plant and fuel equipment

Cooling section

Control and automation system

Hardware and software

How does it work and what can we achieve with this type of furnace?

The roller hearth furnace can accomplish the following treatments: annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering in controlled atmosphere.

The treated MATERIALS are: tubes with various diameters, bars, bundles of wire and forged pieces.

HEAT TREATMENT occurs through natural gas with radiant tubes.

COOLING is kept under control, with programmed temperature gradients.

This type of furnace works at a HIGHEST TEMPERATURE of 1.100°C. Its BURNERS have radiant tubes with heat recovery.

It is used for the following SECTORS: energy, oil & gas, nuclear, aerospace and automotive.

Special insulating refractory materials, such as ceramic fiber blocks on the vault, bricks and ceramic fiber on the walls, resist the special atmosphere in the furnace, meaning the furnace lasts for many years.

To guarantee a quality treatment on the pipes, there are dew points at several points along the line.

Our control and automation system keeps the whole line under control.


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