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Straightening machines

Global Dom stands out thanks to its extensive experience in manufacturing straightening machines. As a matter of fact, with over 300 straightening machines delivered, the division of the firm in charge of this area can boast a long history in production that very few companies in the world are able to compete with.

Our expertise in the sector was the key to achieving high technical results, such as 10 roller type machines with an automatic setting.

Main features

This 10 roller type machine can straighten according to the specific bending and crushing requirements.One single machine can straighten pipes up to 18 m long, with a diameter, for example, from 42 mm to 170 mm and up to 15 mm thick.

What are the component parts of a straightening machine?

Loading basket

Loading plane by chains

Inlet trough with disappearing rollers

10 roll automatic straightening machine

Exit pinch roll

Outlet trough

Unloading basket

Hydraulic equipment

Automatic greasing system

Pneumatic equipment

Control and automation

Hardware and software

How does a straightening machine work?

Once all the tube data is entered into the specific program, the machine automatically calculates the right setting parameters for the straightening process.

Settings are memorised by the machine so the operator recall them easily if the same production needs to be run in the future. The reason why Global Dom decided to become an expert in the manufacturing this type of straightening machine is practicality. In fact, having ten rollers let set up very versatile solutions: first of all, it allows the client to set up five different settings to achieve particular quality objectives, taking into account the physical properties of the tube being straightened.

Which are the innovations offered by Global Dom?

Thanks to its sophisticated operating mechanism and advanced technology solutions, Global Dom has made important innovations, manufacturing a new group of straightening machines. These machines are designed to straighten the “upset” pipes:
the quick opening – closing mechanism of each pair of rollers allows the passage of each “upset” end and the desired processes along the tubes.


Global Dom’s straightening machines are characterised by:

A great match between sturdiness and setting precision.

The perfect balance between mechanical and electronic design. Thanks to this balance, Global Dom’s straightening machines can ensure a wide range of performance and applications, meeting the more and more detailed mechanical properties required for the finished products.

The cutting-edge technology. For example, the drill pipe straightening machines which increase performance production enormously.


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